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Forgotten Historic Lake, Gada Kufar Lake, Narkanda, Theog

There are somethings that always comes as a surprise to all of us, all the time. Being an avid traveler of Himachal Pradesh, I have been boasting to my friends and familiy that I know most of the places of importance in Himachal. Even after having travelled length and breadth of Himachal Pradesh, I was in for a surprise. I was travelling to Narkanda at this beautiful resort (Hansford Resorts, Narkanda), located 12 kilometers above the quaint place called Matiana. I was booked at this resort with my family and was driving my own Innova, the climb uphill was adventurous and beautiful. On the way to the resort, I saw a small road going downward to a village called Gadha Kufar. When I reached resort, I asked the manager about that village. He had a very interesting story to tell. The story goes like this, this historic lake was made by knee of Bhim, one of the Pandava’s brothers during his visit. Next day I went on to visit that lake, it was mesmerizing lake with beautiful view, it was frozen when I visited as it was snowing and temperature was below -5 degree Celsius. This lake is called Gadhakufri or Gada Kufar lake. I clicked some photograph and was wondering why did Bhim bow down on ground to create this lake. It is surrounded by a picturesque village and lovely people all around. Though there are some maintenance issues in summer time, which village surpanch has said that he was going to look into it. I was simply amazed, how much still I have to see, discover and learn. Just go there and visit this beautiful lake and this place.